„Lead, follow, or get out of the way.”
Lee Iacocca

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Premium Arena w mediach społecznościowych
Moto Target PR dla firmy Bednarek
Pracujemy dla Premium Areny
Sukces wystawy w Galerii Mazovia
Współpraca z Chevroletem
Nowy klient - Autotraper
Multimedialna rewolucja

Why Moto Target

The motor world is not only our passion – it’s also our profession. At work we combine creativity with the understanding of our partners' needs.

Moto Target was founded in 2004. Initially, the firm functioned as a news agency and custom publishing company. Over the last seven years we have managed to win the trust of the finest makes and automotive companies, with whom we’ve been trying to share our experience in communicating with the media and clients. The guarantee of our effectiveness is based on two sound foundations. First is the inside-out knowledge of the media, the principles according to which they function and the ways they gain information. The other one concerns the expertise drawn from a long-term cooperation with automotive companies, an in-depth insight into their products and the ways these products were introduced onto the Polish market. These are the keystones that enable us to act instantly, accurately and creatively. 

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